Our aim at EINFACH MACHEN e.V. is to provide a proper education to our sponsored children, from primary school until they have found their first profession. As in Germany, the children attend a high school after primary school. Our Conscience Primary School offers education from 1st to 5th grade. After intense research in Kathmandu, we decided to go for Namgyal Higher Secondary School. Like at CPS, the kids learn all three languages (Nepali, Tibetan, English) there and have a comfortable, friendly home and social environment.

In April 2016, our first child Pema Thinley Sherpa successfully made his way into Namgyal Higher Secondary School. He was the brave pioneer and is integrated very well by now. At the same time, we are really proud of our Team at CPS that provided such good education and preparation for Pema. We are on track!

In April 2017, 6 more of our children made the big step and we started an official cooperation with Namgyal Higher Secondary School. Passang Dhondup Lama, founder and Director of CPS and Gabriela will continue to personally support the children and will update all sponsors accordingly about their child’s development.

Background on Namgyal Higher Secondary School
Namgyal Higher Secondary School Kathmandu is a not-for-profit school, founded in 1988. The buildings and infrastructure have been set up by “SOS Kinderdorf International Hermann Gmeiner Organisation”. It is a full boarding school for Tibetan and Nepalese children and one of the best in the country. Like at CPS, they follow a holistic approach and provide a warm, responsible and friendly atmosphere. Besides Tibetan culture and its various traditions, all modern subjects are part of the curriculum. Approximately 400 students age 12-20 attend grade 6th to 12th and live together in the boarding school. Around 50 teachers and staff are there to support them.

How the children live
Besides teaching, the school has a big focus on the social environment and a familiar atmosphere. There are 4 group houses (red, blue, green, yellow) where younger and older students live together. Self-responsibility, mutual respect and supporting each other are key values of the school. Each child takes on various responsibilities and tasks within his/her house. The group houses compete with each other in a playful way. At the end of the school year, individuals as well as teams are recognized with prices and awards.

The school has a good infrastructure, its on soccer team and a Basketball and Badminton court. The children are in charge of the yearly sports & culture festival as well as the yearbook. Each year a student council is elected and is acting as a representative between the student community and the school administration.

We have experienced the active, friendly atmosphere and the students’ engagement first hand at various opportunities. This, combined with the fact of a full boarding school with Tibetan-Nepali background convinced us to have found the perfect place for our children to further learn and grow.