EINFACH MACHEN e.V. currently supports two projects in India and Nepal


Ram Family, India

ram1EINFACH MACHEN e.V. supports the Ram family (Asha, the mother is blind and illiterate; Rinku, the father, has a walking disability caused by polio and is currently learning how to read and write) and their son Manav (5 years old) and two daughters Taniya and Shalo (4 and 1 ½). In July 2015 we donated 300€ as an earthquake emergency relief to help after the complete loss of their property, since December we organized a school sponsorship for Taniya.

We intend to find another sponsor, so both Manav and Taniya can attend elementary school and we intend to buy the vehicle for Rinko to start up his business as a vendor of clothes and shoes, so the family can live together in India and can provide for their own living in the future.

We are thus looking for a sponsor for Manav (260€ annual donation for the school year) so he can continue attending school from march 2016 onwards. For the initial invest in Rinku Rams business we need 850€ for the vehicle and seed money of 500€.

We also appreciate any donations for the family to improve their general living conditions (accommodation, food, clothes, medical aid)

Please support the Ram family. When transferring money please note the cause “Asha and Rinku Ram” on the form and on the donation receipt.

And here you find the long version of this beautiful love story against all odds.


Conscience Primary School

The Conscience Primary School was founded by Passang Dhondup Lama, born in Nepal in the Rasuwa region. He had the luck to get a sponsorship by an Australian gentleman for a secondary school in Kathmandu which after a successful graduation opened him the doors to the Tribuwan University where he completed a degree in sociology and economics. After working as a tutor in an orphanage and as Operations Manager in the Himalayan Children Foundation, Passang decided to live his dream: providing an education for the underprivileged children of the Himalayas, including the increasing number of Tibetan refugee children in Nepal. One of his projects is the Conscience Primary School in Kathmandu which he founded in spring 2013.

It is an English language based school, which provides a good standard education for poor rural children who cannot afford to attend a private English language school in Kathmandu. This is a full support program in Nayapati, a village 15km away from Kathmandu, which accomodates currently 50 pupils, of which 29 children need a sponsorship.

Gabriela Baumann from Germany came to visit the school in November 2013 and met Katja Pischel in India in 2014. They both were so excited about the sustainable work Passang does that they decided to found an organization that supports such projects of which they are sure that every cent that is being invested goes directly into the project itself. And so “EINFACH MACHEN e.V.” was born with its first project the Conscience Primary School. Read more about the Conscience Primary School.